Lana moves to New York to start anew, but instead moves in with the troubled Kate. The two slowly forge a friendship until one of them makes a discovery that will alter their friendship for good. 

This slow-burning psychological drama was written and produced by the leading actress, Naomi McDougall Jones, and directed by Meredith Edwards. Here is yet another fine example of an actor taking her power back to create a vehicle that showcases her talent. A team of women made this film for $80,000 and won of slew of festival awards. What I liked about the film were the naturalistic performances and the surprising plot turns that I never saw coming. It’s truly an original–and female–piece of work.

McDougall Jones has become an outspoken advocate for women filmmakers and is a brainchild behind The 51 Fund–an equity fund that will finance films written, directed and produced by women. In one of her interviews she said that, as a female filmmaker, your “obstacles are basically everything.” Because I have a day job in private equity–an industry dominated by men who are obsessed with making money–I am especially thrilled by the idea of a fund like this existing to create opportunity for women artists. It is so rare and so necessary.

You can rent this film on Amazon and other VOD platforms and you should visit Naomi and Meredith’s websites because they are two women who are making a big difference with their art:




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