Well, you’re in for a tearjerker with this one. I was probably more impressed with this short film than almost any other short I’ve ever seen. Directed by Lauren Wolkstein and winner of the 2010 SXSW Grand Jury Prize, this film tells the story of a traumatized Marine who forms an unlikely bond with a rebellious teenage girl at his homecoming party.

Wolkstein, who is currently in development on her first feature, has an incredible sense of truth in her work and was named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film. Each moment of this story felt alive, present, surprising and inevitable. The composition and editing of her shots and scenes is utterly exquisite. I almost felt as though the film was slipping breathlessly from one moment to the next, barely able to contain itself, until finally it bursts at the seams with a deeply earned emotional payoff.

The heart of this film is a stunningly naturalistic performance by Jonny Orsini. I didn’t know his work before but I sure do now and I believe he’s on the cusp of stardom in whatever medium he chooses. He’s been studying and working on stage–garnering awards for his performance opposite Nathan Lane in The Nance–and earning some film credits as well. He is astonishing and I think you’re going to be seeing him everywhere before long.

Here is a director I would kill to work with. I hope Wolkstein’s feature finds funding, audiences, and more work for this very deserving filmmaker. You can watch her short film HERE and learn more about Wolkstein on her WEBSITE.


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