How much do I love this film? Let me count the ways. Written, directed and edited by the hilarious Rachel Tunnard, this short film served as a pilot to jump-start the feature Tunnard wanted to make.

The story centers on 29 year-old Anna living in her mum’s garden shed and making videos starring her thumbs. Her mother and grandmother live in the main house and communicate with her via walkie-talkie. This could have been unbearably quirky but is actually wickedly funny, truthful and poignant, as there is more to Anna’s situation than meets the eye.

Tunnard’s filmmaking is brisk and confidant and her cast is absolutely stellar, led by Jodie Whittaker, who was so gut-wrenching in Broadchurch as the mother who lost her son and who here gets to display her comedic chops.

EMOTIONAL FUSEBOX won the BAFTA award and indeed became the green light for Tunnard’s feature. The feature is called ADULT LIFE SKILLS and expands upon Anna’s predicament as she approaches her 30th birthday when she’ll be required to move out of the shed. It won the Nora Ephron Prize at the Tribeca Film Festival and has received international distribution. It just opened in the UK and I can’t wait until it arrives in the States.

WATCH EMOTIONAL FUSEBOX. Then see the ADULT LIFE SKILLS TRAILER. I also highly recommend visiting Tunnard’s website, which is such a fantastic reflection of her personality: RACHEL TUNNARD.COM.

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