I’ve been seeking inspiration for a long time. As a not-twenty-something actor who got a late start in Hollywood, I want to know that what I dream of is possible–that other women are blazing a trail alongside or ahead of me. The idea kept coming to me that I should find out who these women are and talk to them about what they want and how they keep going after it despite inevitable obstacles and setbacks.

I decided to start a blog project to interview female artists who are at least 35 years old but preferably much older. Why artists? Because it’s the one of the toughest fields to find success in, particularly for women, and also because I’m an artist who is insatiable when it comes to talk about process and perseverance.

Why a blog? I thought about a podcast or documentary and I’d still like to explore those things. But I don’t have the equipment or money right now and my interview subjects live all over the country. My blog is easy and free. It’s kept me sane and creative for many years, most of all during those times when nothing else was happening for me creatively. It’s something I can do right now with what I have.

I don’t know if other people will find this interesting but finding and talking to these women has already made a difference in me. I was literally moved to tears when I started reading their e-mails and stories. So many of them need to be inspired just as I do–to know they’re not alone. So many of them got late starts or continue to encounter serious obstacles to their creativity. So many of them thanked me for providing an outlet to share their story and to hear stories from the other women.

At first I thought I wanted a blog about “success.” I wanted to hear from women who had achieved their dreams at an older age in life. But the more stories I read, the more I realized that we’re all stumbling around on this path together, and that sometimes the only thing that helps me put one foot in front of the other is knowing that other artists are standing next to me–not racing way ahead–and doing that too.

So, in about a week or two, I’ll start featuring one artist per week on this blog. I have actors, musicians, fine artists, writers, comediennes, stunt coordinators, directors, models and I hope to find some dancers too. I really hope you’ll take the time to find out who these women are and what they have to offer. I think it’s going to be great.


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  1. amber92118 says :

    I look forward to reading more of your work and wish you much luck in the search for you niche. God willing, you will discover it!


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