This week’s film was written and co-directed by Kaitlin McLaughlin in partnership with director/cinematographer Michael Dwyer.

Claudia is a young Mexican-American who speaks no Spanish but who is deported back to Mexico after she’s indicted for credit card fraud. There she struggles to connect with her estranged father, a rancher, while forming dangerous alliances with someone who may be able to return her to the States.

McLaughlin and Dwyer conceived this film as a modern western/thriller with a female protagonist. It’s breathtakingly beautiful to look at and the writing is perfectly spare. Living in Los Angeles, I found the film to be incredibly relevant–thinking about what lengths so many people are driven to in order to survive and how one tricky decision can spiral into chaos. I highly recommend this film. It’s taut, thoughtful and understated and I can’t wait to see what else these directors do.

One side note–I rented the film on Amazon which said the running time was nearly three hours. I couldn’t imagine how it could be so long but the film actually comes in at 1:20 and then starts playing again from the beginning. It’s just a glitch so don’t let it scare you off.

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