#52FilmsByWomen: LIFE IN COLOR

Life in Color poster


This week’s film was written, directed, edited and produced by Katharine Emmer. I was so inspired by Katharine’s story after hearing about her on Twitter. She was an award-winning acting student out of NYU who moved to L.A. and couldn’t get cast for seven years. Her boyfriend finally convinced her to make a no-budget feature using money she earned as a nanny and by calling in a ton of favors (her grandmother was a major contributor).

Emmer’s film is a sweet indie dramedy about two depressed and unemployed people who help each other find their way through to a more fulfilling life. It treats depression thoughtfully and realistically but Emmer’s light touch provides just the right balance.

I related so much to Emmer’s film and to her own story as a struggling artist. She made this film to create acting work for herself and to find representation. Happily, her movie got a premiere at SXSW last year and she has empowered herself to continue creating meaningful content. Her film is available to rent on Amazon and iTunes and is definitely worth a watch

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