Most of the time I manage to stay positive about this whole acting thing and to keep a sense of humor about the process and my place in it. But there are some mornings when I open the Breakdowns and have to indulge in a great big eye roll. Great roles (0r even good, solid, relatable roles) for women are hard to come by anyway but when you’re an unrepresented actress without access to the good stuff, this is what you’re going to find:

crazy, pretty – but crazy, did i say crazed?

pretty, edgy, looks vaguely nuts

beautiful, super hot, aims to please, lives in a world of fantasy

good-looking, insecure, needy, clingy, very talkative

She is still a sexy beast. A hooker by trade, she is not to be crossed, and watch out if you do.

She is very submissive and antisocial, her mom mistreats her emotionally so Julie found a way to channelize her anger and sadness: killing people.

She loves her husband, even though she suffered domestic violence for 10 years.

Can relate with abuse. Signs of abuse is prominent on her face.

She’s emotionally needy but in a very dangerous, self damaging (self mutilating) way, which Levi will soon discover. Rebecca has an inner darkness that manifests itself with a preoccupation with zombie movies and grim tales of cannibalism. 

loud, overbearing, humiliates her son, emasculates her husband

Mrs. Williams is unbelievably hot and unbelievably bitchy.

She is a super hot freaky chick.

The math teacher’s slutty, cheating wife. White trash suburban fabulous. Materialistic. Unbelievably hot. Unbelievably bitchy.

Sweet girl in her early twenties kills people to fight the mistreat of her crazy mother.

Self destructive and emotionally damaged. She relies on substances as a way to cope with her abusive relationship.

Her night ends in date rape, but she’s determined to seek out her own justice, and calls two of her tough guy friends to help her beat the crap out of Titus.

I’m sorry, who are these people??  Do the men writing, directing and producing films only know crazy and damaged women? Have they ever met a normal, intelligent, complex woman? And what’s the fascination with writing these fantasy, one-dimensional female characters?

This has always been part of the industry and I don’t know that it’ll ever really change until and unless more women start creating more of the work. But imagine being an actress – of any age, really – scrolling through auditions and reading these descriptions day in and day out. It’s disheartening.

There are men out there who are champions of women and who write thrilling, amazing characters that I would love to play. I know who these men are and I keep them on my radar. I feel sorry for all the other guys out there who either A) only know crazy or B) only want to write from their adolescent fantasies.

I don’t know what else to say or do except to applaud the artists – male and female – who create with vision and to allow myself a day every once in a while to feel dismayed about the rest of them.


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4 responses to “DID I MENTION SHE WAS CRAZY?”

  1. itsvanzilla says :

    Love this! I’ve totally felt the same way when browsing breakdowns (doesn’t it feel like roughly 40% of all breakdowns for women are for hookers? what’s up with that?) Anyway, great blog. Mind if I link to it on my own? http://www.itsvanzilla.wordpress.com


    • 2dawndavis says :

      Thanks for reading! And I don’t mind at all if you link my blog. I love reading other actor blogs because we can keep each other inspired and motivated. Cheers!


  2. onethousandsingledays says :

    I LOVED this, and will be sharing it. I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t watch American sitcoms for this very reason, if I see another woman in a role where she is crazy yet cute, i’ll scratch my eyes out.
    Loved reading your writings.


    • 2dawndavis says :

      Thank you, Vanessa. Just discovered your blog and I’m at this moment reading every post. Gorgeous, original blog and I’m so thrilled to have stumbled upon it. I really can’t wait to see how your thousand days unfold.


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