February 3, 2011.

Yesterday I found out that I’m now going to be shooting for three days instead of one. This could not be more thrilling. Every time it crosses my mind that I actually auditioned for and booked a television show through this casting director, my body gets a joyful electrical jolt. She cast two of my all-time favorite indie movies and they are exactly the kind of work I would love to be doing. I’m so excited to be forming a relationship with her office.

There are also moments when my Ego whispers, “This is a silly, little job. It’s not a ‘real’ show. It’s non-union, you’re making very little money, you’re improvising re-enactments…” But I slam those thoughts down every time because, guess what, it is a real show with a real casting director, a real production company, real credit, real money, on a real network with a real audience. It may not be the level I dream of working on but it’s the beginning of something. Last week I had not a television credit to my name and today I can say, “I booked a show,” and it’s a show that people will see.

Most importantly, I can’t describe the boost of confidence this has given me. There was an internal shift when I realized that I had gotten the audition off my own submission, gave an audition I was proud of and BOOKED THE JOB. I haven’t booked a job from an audition since The Shadow Box. Most jobs come to me because I produce them myself or someone has seen my work and hired me from that. This is a true step forward for me- real progress- and I will always have a place in my heart for this little, silly, REAL show because it signifies that what I want and what I’ve been working for is finally showing up.

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