August 13, 2010.

On Monday I planned to go over the Agnes dialogue again from The Shadow Box so that I would feel prepared for the table read on Tuesday. I thought it would be the last time I read the role because the other actress was scheduled to come back this week. Instead, I got a call from the producer on Monday morning asking me if I wanted to take over the role for good. The other actress had to leave the show and that means, four months after I first started studying this play, I am finally, officially part of the production. The role of Agnes is mine, all mine!

This entire process has been incredibly surreal and my face hurt at the end of the day on Monday because I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s crazy how this came back around long after I decided that it wasn’t meant to be. Instead of filling in on Tuesday, I jumped in as an official cast member, which was a bit terrifying considering the show opens on September 9th. The director isn’t pushing me too hard yet but the adjustments he has given me are incredibly challenging. I have so much work ahead that I get paralyzed if I think about it too much. This week has been a roller coaster of rehearsals and meetings and trying to play catch-up. I haven’t had a moment to actually sit down with the script to start doing my text, character or memorization work. Until I can get to those things, I’m a bit of a nervous wreck.

You know that saying, “Be careful what you wish for; it might just come true?” That’s me right now… when after an exhausting week of work and rehearsals I have to drive an hour and a half in Friday traffic and, instead of crashing like my body is dying to do, I need to pick up my script, go to a cafe, down some caffeine, and work on Agnes for the rest of the night. We block all weekend and technically I should start getting off-book in the next couple of days even though I’ve had zero time to work on the text. Considering that I have a couple of very long monologues, as well as my scenes, it’s not going to be easy. Coffee, you are my only friend. I’m so grateful and excited for this opportunity. I’m praying to the gods of Theatre that I can pull it off.


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