March 18, 2010.

I think one of the hardest aspects of an actor’s life is the never-ending cycle of attachment and letting go. This is true of life in general but actors never seem to get a break from it. The attachment comes in the form of falling in love with a character or a text or a project- throwing one’s time, energy and self into realizing a piece of work for a few minutes of an audition, a short time in class, a day or a few months of shooting. And then it’s over and the hours of preparation are usually much lengthier than the actual work itself. Not to mention the bonding that happens between cast members; you get extremely close to other actors or your directors and feel that you want to have them in your life for good. But the project ends and people move on and most often those ties are severed as well. Add to this scenario the fact that I am a Scorpio and one of my defining personality traits is unwavering loyalty. To walk away from a person or an experience- or just to let them go- can feel like a Herculean task for me. It makes me feel that I am always wrenching out pieces of my heart.


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