November 5, 2009.

About once a month Michelle schedules ten-minute one-on-one sessions with her students before class. I had my first meeting with her yesterday and it was encouraging for such a short segment of time. She asked about the Actors Studio audition and wanted to know if I was getting out frequently on auditions and if I had representation. I told her that it’s been very slow and frustrating but what my goals were and she said, “Yes. You’re on a path. That’s good.” We talked for a bit about Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She said, “You’ve done great work in class on all of your scenes. I have lots of ideas for you and your work, but I think this is what you should be doing right now, and I think you should focus only on this.” I agreed because Cat is going to be an enormous challenge for me. She said again that she wants me to stop working so much at the day-jobs and I told her how hard it was to even find the time to read the script and how I just grabbed a few pages here and there. I said that I took the script everywhere in the hopes of finding any moment to read. She said, “Well, you’re carrying your dream with you, aren’t you.” She’s always coming up with gems like that and I love it.


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