November 20, 2009.

I was shopping for dinner last night when I received an e-mail on my phone from my friend. Needless to say I got very teary at the deli counter and it wasn’t about the sandwich I was ordering. I hope it doesn’t seem egotistical to relay the feedback I receive about my work. It’s taken me such a long time to own my acting and to get over some of my personal blocks that I try to keep track of the encouraging things when they happen so I can focus more on that instead of my fears or insecurities. This is part of the e-mail I received and it’s literally one of the kindest things anyone has ever said to me:

Which brings me to what else I wanted to say, which is that I’ve been thinking about your Cat scene all day. I feel that out of every actor I know, and really I think every actor I’ve ever been in a class with, you absolutely set the bar in my mind for what I hope to achieve in my work. If your talent does not bring you some seriously extreme success, then there is no justice in the world, for you truly presented an Oscar worthy performance last night, whatever you felt was going on in your head at the time… You really deeply inspire me, and I just wanted to express how much.


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