October 20, 2008.

Four years ago today, while living in Boston, I started this blog with a political post that included this quote from Essence Magazine: “Until we have a Barack Obama in the White House, I’ll take John Kerry.” The following day I wrote a post about the Red Sox winning the World Series. The day after that I wrote about things coming full circle. I’m writing this from Boston where I have come to visit my family and see Adam off on his tour. The Sox just missed the Series yesterday but Obama’s got a fighting chance. And the world spins madly on…

I was sitting in South Station on Sunday waiting for a train to take me from my mother-in-law’s house to my parents’ house. I used to commute in to that station every cold, dark winter morning, and sit with my Au Bon Pain coffee just dreading the moment I’d have to get up and start my walk down the street to a job I loathed. I was trying to be a director but not getting anywhere, I had no friends, and my boss couldn’t have been worse. I loved the city but I can’t say I was a happy person. This is what I wrote in November of 2004:

This life I live now has nothing to do with me. I get up at the same time every day, buy my coffee, take the train to a job that sucks away all my energy and creativity, and by the time I get home I’m too tired to read or write or do anything that I truly value.

So on Sunday I sat in the station and remembered the person I was and thought about how much my life has evolved since then- even what I thought I wanted to be- and how the blog was a record of those early stirrings of change. Because by January 2005 I was in Los Angeles and just one year away from discovering what my life was really supposed to be about. I am profoundly grateful for where the journey has taken me. My wish for the next four years? I hope we are re-electing our African-American president and that I am writing MindLib’s anniversary post from my trailer on a movie set in Italy.


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