April 18, 2008.

We’re open! It was a small Preview audience last night but the reception was good. Our Publicist was there, which I didn’t realize. He doesn’t know any of us personally and afterwards he was raving about the show. He said it was some of the best acting he’s seen in a long time. He told Adam, “That actress playing Joan is excellent.” Huzzah! I’m so glad he liked it because now, when he talks to the papers and reviewers, he can be genuinely excited and motived to get them there. The men in the cast have been so supportive of me. Several of them have come up to me during rehearsals and after the show last night and told me how moved they were by what I was doing. It helps tremendously to feel that support from them. And after staying up late the night before to work on them, I solved the problems of the two scenes I was having trouble with. They can go further, but they finally work.

This has been fun for me because I’ve never had a lead in a show before. I’ve got my little spot at the dressing room table with the cards I’ve received (thank you, Jillian!) stuck in the mirror. I came into the theatre last night to find a gorgeous bouquet of red lilies waiting for me from my parents, so they are sitting next to my mirror. And there was a beautiful bouquet of tiny red roses from my friend Rachel as well. I have my first-ever solo bow in the curtain call. And I don’t know…that stuff is kind of silly but it’s also what I used to day-dream about as a girl. To be playing a great classical role and to have people like it- that’s just an amazing feeling.


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