April 7, 2008.

The actor we found to replace the other guy is much better and has done a great job of jumping right in and getting his lines memorized in record speed. He adds a lot to the show with his presence. We are now playing at The MET and everyone is thrilled. It definitely feels like the right home for this show. Our opening has been pushed back from this weekend to next weekend, the 17th, and I am grateful for the extra time. I got my hair chopped off and couldn’t stop grinning when I was in the chair. My hairdresser loves creating new looks for shows and said, “Do you feel like you’re getting into character?” I really did. It helped me so much to make a big change like that.

Because of all the theater and actor difficulties we didn’t get to our first run of the show until yesterday. It was rough but it helped to get a feeling for the whole thing and the director is confident with where we are. It’s just run-throughs from now on with some extra rehearsal time for me on my monologues. I helped with the light hang this weekend too which meant a couple of ten-hour work days for me. So…very…tired. I took the day off work to get some errands done and it’s been nice to just do things at my own pace for the afternoon.

Need to pick up a couple of minor costume pieces and I will be set. I love the costumes! One of the actors in the cast also does wardrobe as a hobby and he took a microscopic budget and worked miracles. His idea was lots of knits so everyone has a very earthy, layered, homespun look with lots of personal touches. It looks like the characters made their own clothes. Everything appears historically accurate with a modern touch. It really comes across like he was able to fully realize his concept even though he actually had very little money and found a lot of pieces at Goodwill. I’m just so pleased with what he accomplished; good costuming is hard to achieve without a large budget.


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